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What does REFUNDSKY do?

At REFUNDSKY we are committed to help passengers claim compensation under the Regulation 261/2004, when they have experienced a problem with their flight, such as a delay or cancellation of their flight, or denied boarding.

Why choose REFUNDSKY?

With years of experience, we have built up a broad expertise in the field of passenger rights. As a result, we have established a good reputation and working relationship with airlines. With our unique extensive in-house database of historical flight, weather and other relevant data we are in a position to resolve your flight claim more efficiently and effectively than anyone else.

What is a disrupted flight?

A flight is considered disrupted and you can claim for compensation if: The flight was delayed and was late to arrive at the destination by more than 3 hours. The flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure. The air carrier refused to fly you because there were no available seats on the airplane.

The company I flew is not European. Can I claim?

According to the EU regulation, you can claim even with a non-European airline company but only if your flight’s departure is located in an EU Member State.

This means that if you are departing from an airport outside the EU with a flight operated by a non-European company, you are not eligible to make a claim.

My flight has been delayed. Am I entitled to any compensation?

If your flight has been delayed for more than 3 /three/ hours, you are entitled to compensation, unless the airline proves that the delay was caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which could not have been avoided by reasonable measures. This means that the airline cannot be held liable for the delay.

What determines how much compensation I am entitled to receive?

How much compensation you are entitled to receive depends on the distance of your flight and the length of your delay. You should receive:

€ 250,- (approx. 180 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance is up to 1500 km

€400,- (approx. 290 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km

€ 600,- (approx. 430 pounds) in compensation if the flight distance exceeds 3500 km to or from a non-EU airport (this amount may be reduced to € 300,- if the length of the delay is between 3 and 4 hours)

In the case of cancellations, other categories apply. Generally speaking, passengers are entitled to compensation if a cancellation causes them to reach their final destination more than 2 hours later than scheduled.

My flight has been canceled. Am I entitled to any compensation?

If your flight has been canceled after you have arrived at the airport and this has not been caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’, such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, then you are entitled to compensation. Where the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances, the carrier must offer you assistance /reimbursement or re-routing/ and care /meals and/or accommodation/ while you are waiting for alternative transport.

I bought a ticket from an airline company, but the plane was from another airline company?

When the flight is operated by another company that the one you bought your ticket from, this is commonly referred to as a “code-share agreement” which is an arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. A ticket can therefore be purchased from an airline on a flight that is actually operated by another airline under a different flight number.

Code-share agreements are an important detail if you are flying into the EU and affects eligibility. If this is the case, do not hesitate to make a claim with REFUNDKSY.

How long will my claim take?

The processing time depends on each individual case. We have had cases that were resolved within a few weeks and other cases took more than a year. It depends on each airlines’ processing policies. So it is not possible to predict how long the entire process will take. Nonetheless, our goal at REFUNDSKY is to deal with the complaint in the most efficient and fastest way.

How much does REFUNDSKY charge?

We accept claims on the basis of ‘No win, no fee’. This means we won’t charge you unless we succeed at claiming compensation, even if this requires legal steps. If we’re successful, we will charge 25% of the total compensation.

Please note: Did you submit your claim previously (before 1 March 2015) on the basis of a ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ Account? Different terms apply to these accounts. You will have paid an upfront fee, which we won’t be able to refund if we don’t succeed at claiming the compensation. With these accounts, not all steps may be included in the initial fee. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions that were agreed to when the claim was submitted for more information.

Can I still claim if my flight was delayed or cancelled more than 2 years ago?

The relevant EU Regulation does not provide a limitation period for making a claim. For this reason, the time limit depends on national legislation. This means that if you were a victim of a cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight a year ago, you can still claim.

At REFUNDSKY we can make a claim on your behalf for a flight that took place up to five years ago.

The airline tells me that it`s due to a technical problem or due to extraordinary circumstance so they are not responsible?

Airlines may refuse to compensate you by stating that the delay or cancellation is due to an extraordinary circumstance. This is a recurring and sometimes reasonable excuse invoked by airlines.

However, the EU regulation n°261/2004 compels the airline to provide proof of the existence of the extraordinary circumstances invoked.

I have already made a claim directly with the airline, can I ask REFUNDSKY help?

Once you claim with REFUNDSKY and give us the power to file a claim on your behalf, we can pursue the claim you have initiated.

My claim has already been rejected by the airline. Can I use REFUNDSKY help?

Of course! If you sought compensation independently, but the airlines rejected it, fill in our claim form and provide all the information you have received from the airline – including the reason why your claim was denied.

If we see that the airline had no reason to reject your claim – we will take all necessary steps to ensure you get compensated. And keep in mind – you only pay the service fee if you receive compensation yourself.

When am I not entitled to compensation?

You are not entitled to compensation when a flight is disrupted due to force majeure or for reasons not related to the airline’s operations. Examples include:
Weather conditions that are not suitable for the flight, natural disasters (e.g. the Ejafjadlojokudlio volcano that erupted in Iceland in 2010)
Airport operation disruptions
Acts of terrorism or military actions
Trade union strikes
Airplane factory defects
Your financial compensation may be reduced if you agreed to accept other forms of compensation proposed by the airline – e.g. gift coupons or discounts for another flight.
If you have already accepted similar forms of compensation from the airline, it is important that you inform us about it.

Which travel documents are required when submitting a claim?

To be able to properly investigate your flight and, if necessary, prove to a court of law that you had a valid booking for the flight, we require a copy of the following:

Booking confirmation and/or
E-Ticket(s) and/or
Boarding pass(es)
You can upload these documents directly when submitting your claim. It is also possible to add them to your online file later.

What happens with my personal information?

REFUNDKSY treats your personal information confidentially and will not provide this to third parties. For more information please consult our privacy statement.

Why do I have to sign a Power of Attorney?

You need to sign a Power of Attorney to ensure that we have the authority to represent you in your claim against the airline. The airline will not accept a claim letter from our organization without the inclusion of such a document. Once we have a signed copy we will be able to file a claim on your behalf.

How can I find out what is the progress on my claim?

After registering at our website via claim form you will receive an email confirming your registration and containing the number assigned to your claim. You can contact us at any time on that e-mail in order to obtain information on the status of your claim.

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